Some Photos Taken of Rabbit Hash Post Store Fire, April 2016

DSC00869.JPGHere are some photos I took when I paid that visit back in late April, 2016. They had set up shop in the old dance barn and work was proceeding on the base of the store in order to rebuild it.

A campaign was begun to raise the money, along with what insurance they had, to go towards the rebuild project.

Fortunately, while the store was pretty much a total loss, the underpinnings and foundation of the store, did not burn and are reusable.




I will be stopping back in Rabbit Hash in about two weeks and will take some new photos of what has taken place over the summer and do an update as to the status of the rebuild work.


2 responses to “Some Photos Taken of Rabbit Hash Post Store Fire, April 2016

  1. Never got to Rabbit Hash, but planned to go with friends on motorcycles. I should have gone by myself, though. Wife wanted to go with us, (Damn!) but every time I was off, she had other plans. When she wanted to go, I had to work, or someone else couldn’t make it! excuses, excuses! Then, I divorced her in ’96, so I never did get there.

  2. Have you read the KENTUCKY EXPLORER? It’s really an interesting conglomeration of personal and historical stories, Anecdotes, recipes, humor and a travel log. A friend from Louisville, who lives across the lake from me, gives me his old ones. I was reading a story about Abraham Lincoln in the Feb 2015 issue and another story about murders all over Kentucky during the Civil War.

    Since I spent more time in Kentucky than Florida, I still have a nostalgic yearning for the state!

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