It’s now 2015 and I have “come out of the fog….”

It is so hard to believe that it has been over a year since I last posted on this blog. It was my intention to make blog posts a regular habit, but I guess that this goal was not realized.   It has taken me into the first quarter of 2015 to get back to making a new post. I am going to keep this one brief, but since that last post, my life has of course moved on. In the last post, my father was still alive but he soon died and since then, my family has had to go through the grieving and “moving on” process that always follows the death of a major figure in our lives.  This was certainly the case with my father’s death. In the almost two years now since he died, it has been a time of major transition for myself, my mother, my sister and others in the family. I am now settled more or less permanently now down here in Central Florida, having bought a house down in The Villages, Florida (I will do some blogging about living in this place and my thoughts and experiences as I have “moved on in life.”) After two years of not really doing much down here, this year I have finally started taking part in the sorts of things I like to do, which right now includes doing interviews of World War II vets for two oral history projects one of them at the University of Florida and the other at the Library of Congress. I have also started taking classes at the Life Long Learning program offered at our local high school. I am taking courses in Buddhism, the Course of Miracles and learning how to play the mountain dulcimer, a musical instrument I “discovered” a few years back, but with all that went on in the time subsequent to my introduction to the mountain dulcimer, things just seemed to keep me away from learning how to play it. I have found in life though, not to beat myself up about such things, coming to hold a view that “all things come in their proper time and place.” I chalk up my not having taken lessons for the instrument before this as that it was not the right time in doing so before now. In future blogs, I will pick up on where I left off regarding dealing with the passing of my father and other topics as they come up.

One response to “It’s now 2015 and I have “come out of the fog….”

  1. I’ve always wanted to be able to play an instrument, but discovered early, there’s not one musical bone in my body, no rhythm, no ear for subtle notes, and no dexterity! A neighbor who lived down the hill from me, in Kentucky, played the dulcimer. When the wind was right, I could hear his music wafting through the forest, muting it, and giving the music a haunting, nostalgic feeling.

    I wish I’d been closer to my parents; they really did a lot for me, by not doing a lot for me…if that makes sense. I was told many times, “We made our money and if you want any, you’re gonna have to work for it! No hand-outs in this family! They both were very strict, stern, and unbending. I resented not feeling loved, but I know I was………but in their own way.

    Sounds like you and your dad were close. That’s a good thing!

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